And congratulations on taking your first step to becoming free of those unwanted hairs! New York Electrolysis Office is conveniently located in Flatiron District area with easy access from all public transportation. Clients of all genders and ages come to Yuki from all over NYC and New Jersey area. New York Electrolysis Office welcomes clients with difficult cases such as PCOS; if you've had bad experience with electrolysis or laser hair removal, please don't give up on your dream of becoming hair free, and let New York Electrolysis Office show you how pleasant electrolysis treatments can be.


A Short Consultation

We offer a 15-minute consultation before scheduling your first treatment, it will inform you on how the electrolysis process works and what it can do for you. Contact us to make an appointment today!



What is Electrolysis?

Electrology is the practice of permanent hair removal. It uses electrolysis, which is a scientific process employed to destroy hair roots. The electrolysis hair removal process goes as follows. First, a thin probe is inserted into a hair follicle all the way down to the root. Second, a minute amount of electricity is applied to the root through the probe destroying the hair growth tissue. Third, the dead hair is pulled out from the hair follicle using a tweezer. And finally... drumroll... voila! You are left with a hair follicle that is forever incapable of regrowing hair! If you would like to learn more, please visit the resourceful AEA site here.

Electrolysis Works!

Why go through all the pain of everyday hair removal treatments, when you can have permanent hair removal with electrolysis? Electrolysis is the only scientifically proven method of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis can be performed on almost any part of the body for any skin or hair type. Electrolysis gives you a little sensation but most people don't find it painful; most of Yuki's clients are relaxed throughout the procedure. Some of her clients even fall asleep during the procedure. So if you're tired of everyday hair removal treatments such as shaving, cutting, waxing, or tweezing, it is time for us to do something once and for all! Come see Yuki and she will work out a plan that works for you.


“Now I'm totally blissfully bump free and looking great. The results have been amazing.”


Why is Yuki so Special?

The modalities Yuki uses are Thermolysis and Blend. Yuki selects the modality best suited for your hair and skin type, and her machines' settings are highly adjustable so she can optimize the setting to meet your individual needs. Needless to say, she only uses high quality, disposable, sterilized probes freshly opened for you every time.

Yuki takes pride in her two-handed technique which enables her to take out hairs at a more rapid pace than could be done with a one-handed technique. The two-handed technique utilizes both hands; probe holder in one hand and tweezer in the other; where one-handed technique alternates holding the probe and tweezer in the same hand. It shouldn't be hard to imagine the efficiency difference between the two methods. Furthermore, Yuki varies her hands depending on the treatment area; probe in her right hand and tweezer in her left, or probe in her left and tweezer in her right. This helps to reduce stress on you because this allows her to place her hands at more comfortable places on your body no matter which direction your hair follicles are facing, especially while working on hard to reach places.

The benefit of this technique is sort of like that of switch hitters in baseball, who can hit either righty or lefty depending on the throwing arm of a pitcher. This speedy two-handed technique makes financial sense for you as well. Because electrolysis services typically have set price by session lengths, this fast, more efficient two-handed technique means you get more hairs removed for your money.

Meet Our Team


Yuki Arai
LE, C.P.E.


Founder and Electrologist of New York Electrolysis Office, Yuki Arai, began her career as an Esthetician and Electrologist in Japan. After she graduated from Yamano College of Aesthetics, she worked at Tokyo Beauty Center - one of the top esthetic and electrolysis companies in Japan. Yuki relocated to the United States in 2001 and went through the required electrolysis certification process in the country. She was soon granted an Electrologist License in New Jersey and then passed the international board exam to become a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). Her qualifications and unique experience have put her in much demand, and she has twice lectured at conventions for electrologists in Japan.

In 2013 she moved to her own dedicated electrolysis office in Manhattan's Flatiron district where her business continues to thrive. Yuki takes great pride in specializing in hair removal for transgender clients in all stages of transition, and particularly in the run-up to Gender Reassignment Surgery.

She has been a part of a surgery preparation team in New York and has also observed vaginoplasty and phalloplasty procedures in California and Texas. She is renowned as an expert in transgender hair removal and clients come from far and wide to receive her services. Yuki is also a member of WPATH, AEA & NYEA. She was Featured in ChopSticks NY magazine, July 2009 and August 2010 issues. As well as Natsuko magazine in Japan, August 2016.


Hila Antal


Hila is a certified professional electrologist since 2007. Hila is also a licensed esthetician in New York State. She is passionate about skin care and very dedicated towards hair removal. In particular she loves to help clients with every aspect of the electrolysis process, and their increased sense of confidence after hair removal is where she finds the most satisfaction from the job that she loves so much.


Frances Velasquez


Frances Velasquez started working at New York Electrolysis Office in 2011. Initially employed as receptionist, she developed a keen interest in the process of electrolysis and went on to train as an electrologist herself under the mentoring of Yuki Arai. She is currently advancing her experience with an increasing number of loyal clients, and is pending accreditation as C.P.E. (Certified Professional Electrologist)


Nicola Jane Chase


“Nicky” has been working with Yuki since 2011, initially as a part-time receptionist, latterly growing into the role of Office Manager, coordinating the move into the current office space in 2013. She published her memoir “Tea and Transition” in 2015 and is always happy to discuss her own transition if helpful to others. In 2018, Nicky returned to her native UK for family reasons but still keeps close ties with NY Electrolysis Office. New York will always be her second home and she returns here whenever she can.


Hector Cerna

(He/Him She/Her They/Them)

Hector began working at NYEO in 2022. He is the office receptionist and among his many responsibilities, he manages emails and client appointments. Outside of the office, Hector is a yoga instructor and movement artist. Since graduating from Marymount Manhattan College (B.F.A) Hector has danced for the Metropolitan Opera Ballet and various other NYC based dance companies. In 2020, Hector began his healing journey through the practice of Yoga; he currently teaches Yoga both privately and for small groups. Hector is looking forward to being an asset to the NYEO team, as well as to all of our clients, new and old.

Commonly Treated Areas




Forehead • Eyebrow • Cheeks • Upper Lip • Earlobes • Chin • Neck • Beard



Hairline/Napeline • Shoulder • Chest/Breast • Back • Arms • Underarms • Fingers • Abdomen • Bikini Line • (Brazilian-Australian) • Genitals • Legs


Your Initial Consultation

Yuki will design a treatment plan that addresses your specific hair removal needs. To make an appointment email:



Cancellation Policy

All cancellations and changes of appointment must be made 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be charged 50% of full treatment for cancellations and changes made 12 hours in advance, and 100% of full treatment for cancellations and changes made later than 12 hours of your appointment.


For alternative treatment for PCOS and Hormonal Imbalance: contact Yuki's favorite acupuncturist.


We specialize in Electrolysis for your Transition (Pre and Post GRS Surgery). LGBTQ clients who are looking for therapist please click here.
Contact us to make an appointment today!





I absolutely love Yuki. She is so sweet, professional, caring, easy to talk to and does a great job. Most electrologists' are slow, using only one hand to remove the hair but Yuki uses a two hand technique so the results are amazing! I've gone to different electrologists before and in the same amount of time, Yuki probably removes more than double the amount of hair. She is so effective in what she does and I will always go to Yuki for my electrolysis needs. She makes you feel comfortable and is so sincere that she eases any nervousness you may have. I highly recommend Yuki to everyone - you definitely won't regret it!


I worked with Yuki on removing my facial hair for 5 years once a week and there is not a better electrolysis place you will find in New York. Yuki's expertise and professionalism make me feel safe and secure, an important thing when needles are going into your face. If you're looking for quality, this is it. Not only is she the top expert at hair removal, she is sweet, sincere and fun to talk to during the session. Her office staff is just amazing and very nice and accomodating. If you've been burned by bad electrolysis experiences in the past, as I have, please consider Yuki and her team, and let them make your hair-free fantasy a reality.


I feel when I am in Yuki's hands, that she is curing me of unwanted facial hair. I can feel that she is accurate in the placement of the needle and uses just the right amount of current to kill the follicle. She is young and has excellent vision. Yuki also has a gentle touch and a very pleasant manner. I recommend her highly."


From my very first appointment with Yuki Arai, I knew I had found the right person to rid me of my unwanted facial hairs. She is a true professional, personable, and customer focused. She understand women's needs for hair removal and how to correct the problem areas. I started with the upper lip, chin and side burns and the results are phenomenal. I am very pleased and now my appointments are not as frequent as it was in the beginning because Electroloysis performed by Yuki has given me the results I have been seeking for some time now. You will be absolutely be happy if you try it. I promise you.


I have been Yuki's client for about a year now. She is excellent and I wouldn't trust my electrolysis treatments with anyone else. Her technique is flawless. She uses superior equipment and is attentive to the needs of my sensitive skin. On top of that, she is professional and kind. You couldn't ask for a better electrologist!


Office Location

10 East 23 St. Suite 220
(Between Broadway & Madison Ave.)
New York, New York 10010